As Valentine’s Day fast approaches, many of our thoughts turn to love, and perhaps even to that special someone.

However, especially for the Senior Community, being in love with life is what really counts, and making that happen is crucial.

When seniors move in to a senior care facility, their love of life can be greatly enhanced compared with many of our elderly family members who are at home, isolated and lonely.

Falling in love with life is the goal all Marrinson Senior Care Facility staff members strive for on a daily basis. Of course, for Valentine’s Day there are cupcakes, flowers and the like, but the key to loving life means making every day special.  

According to the assisted living residence Williamsburg Landing Administrator Nicole Sutton, “We have our residents become part of the community, actively engaged in events that bring out a feeling of accomplishment to them. They know they are still part of the everyday world. From something as simple as a Bake Sale to raise money for a worthwhile charity, to getting on a bus to go out to lunch, or even taking a ride on the Brightline trains, these seniors are part of everyday living and having a grand time doing it.”

The right assisted living setting can reawaken or reaffirm a love for life in our senior family members by having friends with them daily and new activities to look forward to each day. Activities for every age and ability are carefully planned at Marrinson Senior Care facilities including Wheel of Fortune, Bingo, Pokeno, Trivia, Ice Cream Socials with children, Blackjack, Happy Hour with live entertainment and other different daily events.

The same holds true at Manor Pines and Manor Oaks, both skilled nursing and rehabilitation centers.  While the range of activities offered are geared towards the physical abilities of the residents, the staff engages the residents on many levels. Julie Riggs, the Life Enrichment Director at Manor Oaks, has residents delivering the mail to other residents.  They currently have one full time resident who plays the guitar serenading the residents at daily social functions.  And while this is a skilled nursing residence, there are even lunch outings.  As Julie says, “It is all about making our residents engaged.  We keep them in love with life by being part of it.”

As the “month of love” arrives, remember those whom we love the most and know that being in love with life is possible at any age-when you find the right place to live it.