Labor Day - The first day of Autumn

“The Seasons, They Are A Changing”

The first Monday in September is Labor Day.  It is the last chance for many families and people to go on trips before the Summer ends.  American Football season, “the great American Pastime” starts on or around Labor Day.

In a few short weeks, the first day of Autumn will be upon us.  In many parts of the country this means the changing of the leaves on the trees. The first days of cool, crisp weather roll in and the nights become chillier and we know that Winter is coming.

A majority of us look forward to these Fall events, but an important question is how will they impact many of our Seniors who are just living day to day and no longer aware of these changes?

The answer is both simple and involved.  As Gary Solomons, the administrator at Margate Manor Assisted Living Community puts it, “we bring our residents into the beauty and wonder of both these events by creating functions that address them.”

One of these ways to bring them in is by having a Labor Day Barbeque - not only for the residents, but for the family and friends of the residents as well. All those people special to the lives of our residents are invited to attend the event at Margate Manor.

Even though this Assisted Living community is in South Florida where the seasonal changes are barely noticeable, the residents and staff take the time to decorate the inside and outside entrance with all the trappings of the Fall.

As Gary Solomons goes on to say, “We make it a point to keep all of our residents engaged in all the current events of the season.”

According to the Berkeley-published Greater Good magazine, a study by  Bryan James, an epidemiologist at the Rush Alzheimer’s Disease Center in Chicago, where over 1100 seniors without dementia at baseline were measured on their social activity levels and then tested periodically on their cognitive functioning over a 12-year period; it was revealed that the rate of cognitive decline was 70 percent less in people with frequent social contact than those with low social activity.” Social engagement also showed more increase in mobility and overall better physical health.” 

So as we look forward to the engaging activities of this upcoming Fall season, we take the time to remember the importance of keeping our seniors involved in them as well.