While Spring begins on March 21st, it is usually in April that we marvel at the rebirth and renewal of all that is around us.

Springtime is ageless and you are never too old to be reawakened by all that is fresh and alive. It is that reawakening that is so very important for mental and physical health.

The wonder that you see on a youngster’s face looking at the flowers pushing up from the ground is no different from how a Senior Citizen sees that same beauty. The only difference may be that a Senior Citizen has an abundance of springtime memories and a youngster does not.

What is most important is that April, and the Springtime renewal it offers, never be taken for granted, by any one, at any age.  Actually, it is more important for our Senior Community.  You are never too old to be “young again” and Springtime is just the ticket for that to occur.

At Independence Hall Senior Living Community the residents can be seen outside, sitting in the Gazebo hearing the birds chirping, the bees humming and watching the flower plantings burst into their vibrant colors.  As Administrator Lori Musto says, “It simply is the reaffirmation of life and that has no age limitations.”

At Williamsburg Landing Assisted Living Community, the residents have festooned a tree by their dock on the water and with living orchids.  They have also planted an above-ground herb garden in a large planter.  As Administrator Nicole Sutton puts it, “the renewal of life can never be taken for granted and these gardening activities enhance and strengthen that feeling. We want our residents to not only be part of the community at large, but we want them to be part of everyday life and these activities in the Spring are that life.”

What it simply boils down to is that we should never lose sight of the fact that while age can deter us from doing many physical activities it is our indomitable spirit that will keep us forever young - if we let it happen.  And keeping that spirit young is the primary goal of these Senior Living Communities.