Seniors Celebrate Independence and Fun with the Next Generation

June marks the beginning of Summer.  The days are longer, the nights are shorter. The weather is certainly warmer and we always expect rain.  School is out and many of us go into “vacation mode”.

The question is how does this effect our Seniors and their day to day living?

The grandchildren are out of school and families go on vacations for either a few days or a few weeks.  For families who take an active role in caring for senior parents there is the option of Respite Care. 

This is a program where Seniors who are living at home or with their children, need extra help when vacations occur and their children / caregivers are away for a short or an extended period.

Respite Care is a short term stay at a Senior Living facility.  In this way, families are assured that meals, medicine and general living activities are all being monitored on a day to day basis. Often, a senior loved one has such a great time during the respite care stay that he or she decides to move in on a permanent basis.

Respite Care is a perfect option, and not only for Summer vacation.  It is ideal for those in need of a short-term or a temporary solution.  Whether it is after a rehabilitation stay, attending an out-of-town event, or even as a change of pace for both the senior and the regular caretaker - families can have the peace of mind knowing their senior loved one is being well cared for in an enriching and home-like environment. Contact us for more information on the many benefits and opportunities offered through Respite Care and have a wonderful summer!