Let the upcoming season fulfill all that we are looking for…and beat the holiday blues

December is here and in just a few short weeks both Christmas and Hanukah will be upon us. This can create many mixed emotions for the Senior Citizens in our lives.

Seniors may see the holiday time as a reminder of how quickly time has passed, and those special people who are no longer in their lives. When this occurs, it is easy for many seniors to become “lost” in the Holiday Blues or what the Holiday no longer emotionally gives them.  The obvious solution is to make sure that our Seniors are emotionally satisfied and not just stuffed with a large Holiday meal.

While most Senior Living Homes are decorated and look jolly, merry and fun, the outstanding facilities go past the obvious Holiday Trappings and “feed the souls of their residents.”

Consider if you would, the classic novel by Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol.
The central character, Ebenezer Scrooge and his transformation has many elements that can be applied to our current Senior population.

There is no question that decorations, festive parties and all the usual trimmings are what we see on the surface, but it is the underlying message to live life today that is essential.  And the most successful Senior Living Centers provide this.

According to the Health in Aging Foundation, some of those offerings include opportunities to get out and about. Trips to area attractions, traveling to places of worship, or even going to look at the holiday lights can be a big boost for mood and morale, and provide the opportunity to “live in the moment.” Another way to beat the Holiday Blues is to provide opportunities to volunteer, whether it is at the senior residence helping with decorating, or giving time for the community – a sense of purpose can be invaluable for our aging population. A reminder that they are needed and appreciated throughout the year.

Inevitably, to quote Dickens and Scrooge himself, “I will honour Christmas in my heart and try to keep it all the year. I will live in the Past, the Present and the Future.  The spirit of all three shall strive within me.” This is the sentiment that we must provide to our Senior Residents, particularly this time of year.

If you are visiting one of these Senior Living Residences, take the time to observe carefully at what you see.  Not just the obvious Holiday trapping and frills.  This is how you will know that your loved one is in the best possible place to live the rest of the year.